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Short synacthen test

Hi all I know blood cortisol isn't accurate however I'm a bit concerned about the results from my latest test. Normally in the morning my blood cot idol has been measured between 200-400mmol. My baseline blood cortisol when I had the test was 635mml (120-800) and it shot up to 872mmol half an hour after the injection. The range was the same (strange).... Does it look like I'm developing cushings?.. I have NONE of the symptoms, I have been feeling better though, no dizziness, and I don't shy away from an argument now I can stand my ground like before all this thyroid madness. It just seems odd to me that it's picked up so much? The only thing I can thing off was the fact that I had to do some motorway driving to get to the hospital and I do get quite panicky on motorways (sweaty palms, stress). Please help. My endo thinks it's a brilliant result but he's not looking at the whole picture here. Thank you x

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Sorry the range was up to 700


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