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Omg I'm so stressed out.. I used to be top performer on productio n working for boots.. When my figures started falling I knew something was going wrong, I was ill & diagnosed hypo.. My doctor wrote a letter to my employer explaining productivity would be effected until we got medication levelled out.. 10 months later Levo wasnt working & I couldn't meet my targets.. I'm now 3 weeks into NDT & begining to feel much better, I've reached my target again, but only once.. Got a new boss who is having none of it & sees me as a weak link in a HEALTHCARE Company.. I now have one month for a review & if i don't make the target again I can be sacked because I'm not up to the job... IM just waiting to hear from the union!

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This is terrible. You have enough stress in your life just being so ill without others adding to it. Sending sympathy, kindness & hope that it all sorts out.

Just realised you have not long started on NDT. Hopefully you will carry on feeling better and better and horrid unsympathetic boss won't be a problem.

do they have an occupational health department, I was sent to that by my company and they were told that hypothyroidism is classified as a disability and they have to allow for that and give my medication time to work, I have had no futher issues and have had quite a number of weeks off over the past two years. Although I am not saying it works in all cases just what happened to me....unfortunately my symptoms have come back and I am expecting they will now tell me I need to leave.....but I did get two years hassle free so no complaining too much. Not sure they can sack you for having a disability it is listed under the Diability Discrimation Act, it might not help. But it did for me.

Walgreens of america has just taken over boots, so everything is changing.. It's ironic that they have given us free counciling 24hrs 365 days of the year 30 minutes before this happened!

That's sad news Rudegirl and hope the Union can help you out.

It's bad enough working in production when well, but if unwell it puts a great strain on you. Particularly if you have a boss who is only interested in 'weeding' out workers instead of finding out the reason that you've been very ill.

They want me to see a pannel of boots own Drs.. I'm not ruling that out or refusing .. Just need a chance to let the NDT do its stuff first.. I won't stand a chance if they know I'm taking an unlicensed drug in a massive pharma!

First, it isn't a "drug". It is a thyroid hormone replacement which has been in use for more than 100 years and it can be prescribed on a 'named patient basis'. ( in the UK if GP is willing - you don't need to tell them this). I would think Boots must have a stock of it as quite a lot now have it prescribed.

You can say that because you are hypothyroid and were prescribed levothyroxine but by being a synthetic hormone has made you feel so much worse and that you now find that the Natural Dessicated Thyroid hormones has made you feel so much better, but like all hormone replacements, increases have to be done gradually and you find a great improvement so far and you've only been on it a short time.

Don't dig a hole for yourself. Always refer to 'thyroid hormone replacement'.

Take a copy of this article just in case they all need a copy:

NDT isn't on the system at work, believe me I've checked.. Just so upset, best of it is... I'm training up new starts on the job!

Have you tried Armour or Nature-Throid or Erfa. I don't think it will be called natural dessicated thyroid hormones.

Tried it all.. Nothing!

I don't know if this link will be helpful.

If I have a prescription and take it to my local pharmacist (I haven't done this but I am sure others have) the pharmacist has to source the product.

That job would go to customer services .. They tried to source Jaaps health salts when my dad had bowel cancer, pharmacy couldn't find it.. It was discontinued!!

WHAT!!! What's the world coming too, no sympathy or understanding from these so called employers. You must be so downhearted my love. I bet they didn't have this kind of treatment when they were young and in a job, it was so different then. I hope you will get sorted soon, good luck Rudegirl x

He's actually a young know it all (36) .. Had around 6 managerial jobs in every profession .. Think they've all given good references to get rid.. We've been stuck with him.. patronising, pompous arse!

You're probably right. These people get shifted sideways every 6 months or so, usually to avoid the flying cack that follows them everywhere they go.

If you have no luck with the union, try ACAS.

There's a link to a PDF document at the bottom that might be helpful - I hope so. This is harassment and not on at all.


Than you! X

Just been reading how Boots owned the Synthroid rights and gave a $250,000 contract to a Dr Betty Dong, a clinical pharmacist to study its bio equivalency against other thyroid preparations on the market. The results did not favour Synthroid so Boots blocked Dr Dong from publishing and their research director alleged the study was flawed.They threatened to sue her and her University if the work was published.The story broke in the media and it was published. (see Stop the Thyroid Madness 2 )

My daughter worked for Boots for 10 weeks in 2013 .She told her manager in writing that a substance in a new product would be unstable before the use by date. She was to be disciplined for making it known. so she walked out. Her predecessor in the job said he let stuff through and left it to the pharmacists to stop it..

We do our best to shop elsewhere,

Horrible company..

Ring ACAS for free advice.

You definitely need the union on side.

As an employer I can tell you that it is illegal to discriminate against someone with a disability, but you aren't required to continue to employ someone incapable of doing their job.

A company the size of Boots should be looking at what work they can find you that is appropriate to your abilities. But only if the situation is likely to be permanent. They are entitled to ask for a report from your doctor about your prognosis and capabilities, but they cannot criticise your doctor's choice of treatment. But if you are self medicating you need to think carefully about what you admit. I think in your situation I might admit to supplements but probably not NDT sourced on the Internet.

Your new manager must not harass you, or attempt to force you into inappropriate activities. In my opinion that includes disciplinary action and if the union don't come back pronto you should contact occupational health and set him straight pdq. They will know that such action can lead to an employment tribunal they cannot win!

If the union aren't as helpful as they should be the CAB has specialist advisors, and even lawyers. It would be perfectly reasonable to ask for a stay to wait for them to be available in my opinion.

ACAS are very good on the law, but when I had an employee with cancer their first reaction was to tell me how I could sack her! All I wanted was to report in regularly because she was working unsupervised and I needed to know she was safe and hadn't blacked out! They did finally agree that was reasonable but I haven't consulted them since!

Overall I would suggest that you try to keep the confrontation down, and ask for support while you sort yourself out. You should know your rights, but employment, even when your manager is a prat, is a partnership, not a war.

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