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GP posting gifts to my home address

Please read my previous post for more information.

Complained to the gmc regarding Dr's conduct. I also contacted my endocrinologist asking if there was anything I could give my GP to convince him my blood tests results were accurate. Team endocrinologist sent a letter directly to my GP reiterating hid experience and diagnosis.

In response my GP sent a letter accusing me of "misrepresentating facts" and said he was going to speak to his colleagues and managers about me.

I sent a complaint to the practice regarding his conduct and now also the inappropriate letter and he has responded by sending me a gift from amazon.

I'm really concerned that he has taken my address home with him and used it to send me a gift. I've not had any contact with him for over a month where he told me I don't deserve treatment and now he's sending things to my home address. He sent a book by Amy Meyer on autoimmune diseases.

Don't know what to do next, I live down the road from the surgery and his office is opposite our local shops. I'm genuinely concerned about leaving the house incase I bump into him.

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That's creepy! I would return the gifts publicly to the surgery via the practice manager (with a witness) and report him (and the practice) to the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act (for using your home address for non-professional purposes). I'd also tell the Practice Manager (in writing, witnessed) that I was going to report them under the data protection act. However, talking to CAB about what to do might be a better solution.


Utterly inappropriate for him to do that, 'a gift from amazon'!! Yes he has used your information in a non professional capacity. Whatever has been said by him in the past letter is obviously troubling him.


I would definitely report this to the practice manager in writing and give the book to them, it sounds so unprofessional and almost like bribery.

Could you ignore him if you happen to bump into him? You don't owe him any pleasantries!


That's really creepy and so unprofessional! Your information is private, please make a complaint as this is not okay for him to do.

And please don't be afraid of such a stupid person, if you bump into him you just ignore him or something like that..


Hello, Impalpable. I have read your previous post and am disgusted but not surprised (personal experience) by this gp's behaviour, some doctors are so arrogant and insensitive they think they are above and better than their patients. - You don't deserve treatment !!! - I would make a complaint to as many as possible, the practice manager, the local health board, etc. I would tell them about 'your gift' (personal use of your address !) but I wouldn't hand it over though. (it might disappear. I don't trust a practice/doctors to investigate one of their own). As you are now concerned about leaving your own house, I would seriously consider notifying the police, I think his behaviour is harassment as it is affecting change to your day to day life/health. This doctor needs to be stopped in his tracks.


I think reporting to the police is over the top re one "gift." Perhaps it was an odd apology.

They are not like the rest of us .


Reporting to the police is the only way to stop some people - been there, done that. They are so arrogant that they think they have the right to do whatever they please! But I think it'll mean you have to change your practice, Impalpable.

On the other hand, you could try complaining to the practice manager first - but keep the book! wrapping and all, otherwise you've got no proof 'he' sent it - and if that doesn't get you anywhere, then go to the police.


Thank you for your replies everyone, I am sorry I didnt reply earlier I've had an emotional/busy few days.

Thank for the advice, I will keep hold of the book and receipt for now as evidence and if I get anything else through I will report it to the police.

In the mean time I have written a letter to the practice explaining that I intend to report them to the ICO following the misuse of my data. I've also explained why the misuse of the data has upset me.

I'll wait for their response and decide whether to take my complaint further from there.


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