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A profit from Vit D

Just been reading a share tip for Quantum Pharma ,it specialises in making and supplying unlicensed drugs to hospitals and pharmacies. It owns a product developer Colonis Pharma which has just launched its first licensed product for Vit D deficiency treatment Aviticol . Unlicensed versions sales are estimated at £8million but these will be killed off as doctors will have to prescribe the licensed version.

Let's hope for those receiving the treatment that it does the job. No doubt being licensed it will be able to charge more than the unlicensed suppliers and reap the profits from the NHS.

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...and it will probably be in much smaller dose than actually required. Thank you for posting. Drug companies cannot patent vitamins....


Of course dose will be smaller than required to do the job effectively

If it is shown to not provide enough help at the dose they provide they will probably get medically trained professionals to write reports saying it did not live up to expectations.

Win win for pharma


The EMC lists only a 20,000 IU product.



that might be enough for a week - Vit D is POM? oh dear.. a slippery slope


Having a licence doesn't make it POM! :-)


Says POM on the bottom of the EMC


You are absolutely right. I find the more I use a website, the less I notice! Thanks.


Not looked at EMC before,wonder if it will replace injections?

Was really only interested in how this licensed product would knock out unlicensed competitors--- good thing or bad thing?

For anyone with money to lose Quantum Pharma is a speculative punt!


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