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Another diagnosis!

Well having been diagnosed with sero negative RA a few years back, plus OA & needing joint replacements (both knees & foot surgery; & tendon surgery on both elbows!) I've now been diagnosed with Cushing syndrome & Agromegaly - both rare conditions. These are due to a benign tumour int he pituitary gland. Basically I am producing too much steroids which would be great if it was the kind that helped my RA but it doesn't!!! And too much growth hormones. The treatment is probably surgery.

I think the RA has been confusing the symptoms as tiredness, joint pain & muscle weakness come into it, so I've been blaming my RA when it probably isn't all due to that!

The muscle weakness is the most severe as my mobility is severely limited, I could walk further a couple of months after my knee was replaced that I can now!

Oh & yes, I've been referred to the orthopods for foot surgery as my toes are clawing under & really painful - already had the other foot done.

Went to get my vision checked & came out with another problem that may require surgery!

It never rains but pours! Still it could be a lot worse!

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I doubt it could be much worse :) . You've had a very difficult time and I do hope you get good doctors to help you recover your health as much as possible.

I'm sorry you've such a range of autoimmune conditions but it is usual, if we have one, that we get more. Not so good I think.


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