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Can anyone advise re: thyroid antibodies?


I apologise if this is a long post. I've been having many symptoms of hypothyroidism for some time (tiredness, weight gain, joint pains, coldness, mental slowing). Back in November I had blood tests and my GP told me that I had sub-clinical hypothyroidism but decided whilst I was a candidate for early treatment she wanted to re-test in January before medicating. Fast forward to January and when I went for my results she told me that everything was normal and there was no problem. This didn't explain my symptoms, which she brushed off as she had already tested for things like rheumatoid arthritis.

Today I had a consultant appointment as I have recently been fitted with my first hearing aid as I have also lost hearing. The consultant would have sent me for blood tests but as I had recently had tests he was able to check those. He was concerned by my antibody test as he said that it stated that a normal level was 9 and mine was recorded at 141. This was the reading in November but it was not repeated in January. As autoimmune diseases can affect hearing it was something he was concerned about but as he said, he is not a thyroid Dr so he said there may have been a reason why that particular test wouldn't be repeated. He has asked me to go back to my GP.

Having had a look through the Thyroid UK website I've noticed an article which states that high antibodies alone is sometimes enough for treatment - and I wondered if anyone else has any experience in this. As my GP wasn't very helpful I just want to go armed and ready.

Many thanks!

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Hi and Welcome ! Your anti-bodies are not too high but should be treated in my non-medical opinion. Do you have copies of your other results for the Thyroid ? TSH - FT4 - FT3. Mostly people with Hashimotos - auto-immune Thyroiditis - have very LOW levels of B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD. One of the symptoms of low B12 is Tinnitus and other neurological problems. What a pity GP's rarely make these connections.

I would suggest having all those tested as they will help your thyroid treatment work efficiently as well as making you feel so much better, B12 needs to be around 800/900 - Ferritin around 80/90 and VitD at the TOP of the range too.

Scroll down on the above link for the signs and symptoms of B12 deficiency. Repeated anti-body tests are rarely done - only say once a year if required. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2005 and the anti-bodies were well over 900. Have only had them tested a couple of times since.

I was diagnosed here in Crete where I live. All the thyroid tests were in range but the anti-bodies high. My GP's response was - we will treat with T4 to support your thyroid whilst it is under attack !

Do you have any gut issues ? - problems can and do start with inflammation there. You are in the right place for ideas and thoughts so do keep posting and asking questions. There is a list to the right of this page entitled Related Topics - and there are 920 posts for Hashimotos :-) You can click on and have a read :-)

Hope you will soon feel better.........


Thank you so much for your reply Marz. I'm afraid I don't have any figures for my TSH etc as I was just told that they were "normal" last time and sent away! I have just booked an appointment with a different GP on Monday so will ask if I can have a copy of them.

Interestingly my initial results in November I was told that I was B12 deficient but I wasn't given any treatment for this. I'm assuming that this was also normal in my January repeat - as like I say I was told there is nothing wrong!

With regard to my hearing, I don't have any tinnitus but obviously there is some problem there which may or may not be related. I am awaiting an MRI scan for that to see if there is anything they can see.

Gut wise - thankfully I've not had any issues as yet. My main problems are the fatigue, joint pains (knees, elbows - hands in particular - which are always freezing cold - and also some leg pains) and constantly "loosing my words" if that makes sense!

I really appreciate your response I will check out Hashimoto's. I just really don't wan to see the GP and get fobbed off again - which reading through the forums seems all too common!

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You are entitled to have copies of your results. GP's know little about B12 - and to prevent cognitive decline results need to be at the TOP. Docs so often say Normal - when they mean - in range. Where things are in the ranges is key to our wellness. Actually when we have any sort of condition it is important that vitamins and minerals are OPTIMAL. Docs do not receive training on this at Medical School.

Docs also have very little knowledge of Auto-immune issues and think it is of no consequence - sadly not the case.

Keep on reading and asking questions :-)


Thanks again I will keep reading. If anyone has any advice how as not to be fobbed off by the Dr, that would be helpful. I'm not very assertive and I don't want to sound like a hypochondriac - but it seems that the Dr could well have it wrong. :)


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