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is this my thyroid

I have gallstones which I have read can affect ones thyroid. My thyroid tests all came back normal beginning of January. However I have developed a croaky voice and burning throat and feel "fluey" and sinusy on eating. My breathing has become sort of laboured and deep. I can take a deep breath OK. I get tired by about 2.00pm especially after walking. I seem to be putting on weight around my middle. I retain fluid. I had my voice box operated on a couple of uears ago and wonder if they damaged my parathyroid. I have had a haemoglobin blood tests which measures oxygen etc and all is normal he said. I also have had a slight cough for a long time. If this was lung disease it would have been picked up in the haemoglobin test re red blood cells carrying good oxygen. Has anyone ever heard of a thyroid problem linked to gallstones.?? Thankyou

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Hi Basten

Do you have the print-out of the results of your latest thyroid hormone blood tests, with the ranges? If so, post them for comments.

It's not unusual to be told, only due to your blood tests and/or the TSH that you are 'normal'. Your clinical symptoms should be priority, I believe, although I doubt if few doctors know what they are. Medical students used to be taught to diagnose by clinical symptoms alone but nowadays it appears to be 'blood tests alone' which can mean many months/years of suffering until the TSH reaches a magical 10.

If you've not had blood tests for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as we can be deficient and they can cause problems too. If you've had these post the results with the ranges.

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I'm no expert but I do know that raised cholesterol is often the first sign of Hypothyroidism. I think gall stones are a mass of cholesterol and bile chemicals. Putting two and two together...... I also know gall stones can be extremely painful, so hope that yours are soon dealt with. Have you had your thyroid antibodies checked?


Hi, your croaky voice, burning throat and the fluey feeling in your sinuses on eating could all be due to acid reflux, which can be 'silent', i.e. you don't know you have it. Likewise, silent acid reflux will give you a constant cough. Effectively, the acid is damaging your oesophagus and lungs, hence the cough.

I had gallstones and the acid reflux problems go hand in hand with them. I have since been diagnosed with oesophagitis, i.e. damage to the oesophagus, which has been caused by the acid reflux. Unfortunately removing my gallbladder has not cured the problem!

If you ever get a burning pain in the breastbone or are aware of acid reflux problems then that is most likely your culprit. If you are middle-aged and/or overweight you are even more likely to suffer from both gallstones and acid reflux.


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