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sudden raise in TSH

I would be grateful for some advise please - i have hashimotos and year and a half ago i had my thyroid out - since then my TSH has been kept well adjusted at around 1. Ive recently had a blood test though as I have been feeling really cold and tired and noticed that my goitre seems to have returned and my neck seems core and uncomfortable. I have just got my results back and the TSH is now 3. Ive asked to speak to the Dr tomorrow but are they're any causes as to why you may suddenly go hypo again ? any advice gratefully received and also any advice on what questions to ask the dr.

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Hi Lloyd

Do you have more details on your results and medication you are currently on?

I've been on medication for almost 2 years and I haven't had a steady dose for since - I believe there can be seasonal fluctuations also with your body needing more/less.

i hope you don't mind me asking but why was your thyroid removed? My endo likes my tsh suppressed having Hashi's but I also have the current neck pain/ swelling at the moment that had dissipated for a while :(


Hi Pennyrose, my thyroid was removed as i had nodules that were still uncertain after biopsy so they decided to remove to be on the safe side. I'm on 100mg one day and 125mg the other day and its been a good dose for me up to now. Im a bit confused why i still have a swelling as now I don't have a thyroid !


Lloydjam, there will be thyroid cells left in the thyroid bed after thyroidectomy and it is possible that Hashi continues to attack the remnant cells causing inflammation. Ask your GP to examine your neck and arrange an ultrasound scan if necessary. Thyroid can regenerate but I doubt it will have done so within a year.

You do need an increase in Levothyroxine to bring your TSH back down to 1.0 where you were comfortable.


Thanks Clutter


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