Hypothyroid and pregnancy

My wife has hypothyroid and we consulted a doctor in India and taking tablets regularly,

We are trying to conceive for almost 10 months, wanted to see a doctor who is able to handle both thyroid and TTC issue. Hypothyroid might affect this pregnancy, could anyone please let me know a good option.She is not able to gain weight (underweight) Thank you in advance

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Sathyadev, Has your wife's thyroid level been tested since she started Levothyroxine? I recall it was quite high when you first posted. UK NICE recommendation is that TSH of women trying to conceive should be in the low normal range of 0.4-2.0 with FT4 in the top 75% of range.

Clutter, now its 0.99

Sathyadev, that's perfect. I hope you'll be successful soon.

Clutter, Thank so much for positive response.She is always getting upset, so just wanted to know should i consult a doctor again. please help me

Sathyadev, my apologies I missed out a decimal point which I've corrected, the range should be 0.4-2.0 which your wife is in. I don't know how long your wife's TSH has been 0.99 but it is likely that it will take a little while for her body to catch up with her good blood chemistry.

clutter, Its been 0.99 for the past 5 months

Sathyadev, I'm not knowledgeable about fertility and how long it may take, but it appears that fertility clinics in the UK wait around 6 months after thyroid levels are good before commencing treatment.

clutter, thank you very much for your help.

This is a link which may be helpful.


shaws, Thank you

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