Failure of NDT due to adrenals

Thanks to those to replied to my recent posts about bad reactions to NDT. I've been in touch with Dr P, who has emphasised that with weak adrenals, starting NDT will drain cortisol and horrible symptoms will result. My adrenals must be in a very low state and it looks as if I will need 7.5 Prednisolone for a long time to come, if not forever.

This might help other sufferers!


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  • Maybe this link will be helpful as well:

  • I too had a v v bad reaction to starting NDT but am absolutely fine now on 2.25 grains :) If you fancy reading my old blogs you can see my "journey" :D xx

  • Thank you, Ckare. I've read some of your blogs, but not all, as I kept losing the page on my ipad. I'm not sure if you had weak adrenals?

    Many thanks,


  • Yes - quite bad according to Dr P. I didn't get on with Nutri adrenal though and in fact things only improved when I adopted Paul robinson's CT3M approach. Effect was amazing and almost instantaneous, although needed some tweaking. I did that for about a year but can now take all of my NDT in a single single in the morning when I wake up. xx

  • That is interesting, Clarebear, and it is inspiring that you persevered until you found success! I bought Paul Robinsons book last year and ploughed through it and yes, the website blogs are very genuine accounts of people who have found success with T3. I certainly do not rule out further experiments when my adrenals have strengthened....if they ever do, as I've been on 6 NAX and 25 mg HC for two years. Now on 7.5 Prednisolone, advised by Dr P, with HC cream if stressed, on top of that, and he says my adrenals are 'on the floor'.

    Thank you so, so much for responding. I will complete the reading of your blog, while I am resting my adrenals for a week or so.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Joeyis7 and Clarebear- I read with interest your experiences on NDT. I can totally relate to how you are feeling as I am presenting with an almost identical picture. 2 years ago I was a fit and healthy 39 year old. I have always looked after myself (living in Sydney for 10 years helped!) I have always been interested in nutrition and healthy living and as a nurse for over 22 years a decent understanding of the human body. That was until I started to feel unwell 2 years ago. Blood tests revealed a very high anti-nuclear factor, elevated TSH (4.something or other) and positive Tpo antibodies but only just over range. I was seen by two rheumatologists, one of which told me there was nothing wrong, and the other identified a thyroid issue but declined to treat with thyroxine instead prescribing plaquenil which I declined to take. Eventually my gp started me on 50mcg of levo with an inital excellent response but soon after all the symptoms came back. Dosing was a nightmare and eventually last November I decided to switch to Armour. Under the care of a naturopath I am currently taking significant amounts of herbs, supplements homeopathic drops etc but like you joeyis7 I am experiencing the same symptoms. I am now on 21/2 grains of armour. I take 2 first thing and 1/2 later in the day. My last bloods showed a TSH 2.0, T4 11.8 (dropped by half when I was on 87.5mcg levo) and T3 3.8) I upped the armour by half a grain and my last results showed a TSH of 4.2 (I don't know about T4 and T3 as the receptionist couldn't see the results) my gp is on holiday. It is all very confusing but from what I have read staying on too low a dose for too long of NDT can cause an autoimmune attack , which can increase the TSH so I am wondering if this is what has happened. I feel as ill as I did 18 months ago. My hair is coming out in handfuls, I am struggling to get going in the mornings and now I have really low mood (which for me is unheard of). I have performed the adrenal saliva test and the results should be back with me next week but in all honesty I am not sure what to do with the results anyway. I am considering started in DHEA as my gut is telling me my adrenals are suffering. I am seeing a new endocrinologist this Thursday so I am trying to compile a list of tests that might be useful. Is it worth asking him to perform a RT3? Are there any other tests that might help me obtain a better understanding of what might be going on? What a journey this is proving to be. I am finding it near impossible to keep my spirits up.after trying so hard with diet, healing, supplements etc. I'll be following your posts closely x

  • That is interesting, Frazzie. What a nightmare! I'm back on levothyroxine and feeling better.


  • Hi Joey, I had similar problems that you are describing and nutri adrenal supplement didn't really do very much for me, it helped a little but really not enough for me to justify the expense, though I gave them a good shot for about 6 months.

    I have recently started taking pregnenolone and although very skeptical to start with, have been amazed at the effectiveness and speed with which it started working.

    Have you ever tried pregnenolone?

  • I'm sure you've read about the 'pregnenolone steal' but just incase you haven't,you may find the following article and video interesting:

  • Dear Emjaytee,

    Thanks so much for your replies. I will look I to it.


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