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feel awful, hardly any sleep

pulse in the 90's all day

figured once i got to bed it would ease up some

did it hell 100-124 until 2-3 am i couldnt sleep i could feel it all over my body

today back in the 90's

only took 1/2 grain nature throid instead of 1 grain

i know my pulse is normally high but for quite a while its been in the 60's which is comfortable for me

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Your dose may be too low, not too high. This sounds like it describes you:

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thankyou HIFL

ill a small incraese of 1/4 grain

i went to dr's heart sounded fine, pulse was 82 oxygen 97 3 diff readings on blood pressure

appointment made for lung function and ecg

if my pulse gets to 130--150 and stays there im to go to A/E


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