Red or blushing skin...full body

Had a fright last whole body and face was bright red, like I had been mildy sun-burned all over. Felt a bit like that too. I have been looking at allodynia re my parathesias - also wondered if It might be a sign of over- medicated or antibody flare up.

The best way to describe is niacin flushing but I had not had any...

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  • I am interested in this as well as this happened to me on my last Endo appointment. Sorry I cant help further.

  • Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one. I am seeing endo Friday...what's the betting he doesn't know...I so hope I am maligning him! I'll let you know. Scary isn't it. I used to get red above knees and red face when I was hypo before meds.

  • I've experienced something similar too, sometimes the redness , which is quite blotchy on arms and neck, particularly hangs around after I feel cooler. It's not typical 'hot flushes' though that's what every Dr very quickly puts it down to (without visually checking of course).


  • I had another bit of a flush last night. My tummy and legs look like they have seen the first dose of serious sun bathing session. Quite a nice glow apart from the beetroot face. I'm still wondering antibody activity flare or over medicated at some level.

  • I asked my endo yesterday about all over beet red and he just sprinted out...allergy. Ummm..I don';t agree, yet.

  • Mmmmm...lay a bet on mine isn't. Endocrinologist shouldn't be presuming.

    Ask your gp for a set of allergy blood tests, just to be safe.

    I believe mine is autoimmune connected but our medical stuff may be a world apart so sorry not more helpful.

    Let us know how it goes finding out.


  • I believe mine AO too...sigh. I also suspect that changes come with replacing hormones the body does not adequately make, also.

    Yes, I will get that done xx

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