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Adrenal Fatigue Results

Hi guys,

I just got my results back for adrenal fatigue saliva test.

I did the test after an amazing, relaxing 3 week break. Maybe that was a bad idea. But either way, here are my results;

Morning cortisol: 10.5 (normal range 12-22). This probably explains why I wake up exhausted every single day for 23 years?

Sample 2: 7.2 (normal range 5-9).

Sample 3: 2.1 (normal range 3-7).

Sample 4: 1.5 (normal range 1-5).

DHEA: AM Sample 2: 0.81 (normal range 0.40-1.47)

DHEA: PM Sample 3: 0.26 (normal range 0.40-1.47)

Can anybody help me make sense of this? I wish I'd have done the test when dealing with stress, because even small amounts of stress knock me on my ass for days. My body doesn't cope well at all with stress.

But any insight or tips would be much appreciated.


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My daughter has similar results and the Doctor put her on Adren-All by Life Extension. She is taking 2 pills twice daily and is doing so much better. She is in college which is stressful for a normal person and I am shocked at the turn around.


Hey, I'll take a look at Adren-All, thanks for the recommendation. Hopefully I can get my doctor to prescribe it. Makes it so much cheaper than keep ordering stuff from Amazon hehe.


Let me know how it goes.


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