Lung Cancer and levothyroxine

I have just read an article and I do know that Dr Lowe has stated:-

Four studies I discuss in the critique showed that T4-replacement and T4/T3-replacement leave many hypothyroid patients suffering from hypothyroid symptoms. A fifth study I cite suggests that some patients on T4-replacement develop potentially fatal diseases. The patients also regularly used drugs to control their symptoms of hypothyroidism and the other associated diseases. Other studies I cite showed that patients taking higher-than-replacement doses of thyroid hormone have superior treatment results.

Most people who’ve read the critique find something a bit curious: Despite these recent studies documenting that thyroid hormone replacement therapies harm many patients, endocrinologists have advised that T4-replacement should remain the treatment of choice for hypothyroidism. This is especially curious in that one of the studies suggests that some patients on T4-replacement may die prematurely from diseases associated with hypothyroidism.

Two excerpts re the title of this post:-

Although we should never forget that LT4 is a life-saving thyroid hormone replacement, and that one should not exclude that the pathological reason that leads to the prescription of LT4 could favor the lung cancer development also.

2.Achievement of euthyroid status is monitored by measuring TSH, T3 and T4 plasma levels, mainly in the morning on a empty stomach, a few times in a year, but measuring oxidative stress was never considered a useful tool for adjusting LT4 doses.

PS. How many times is our T3 measured?

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  • Good and interesting piece - thanks shaws. The reference to the Mediterranean diet in Southern Italy having some influence they say on the results. My hunch is - it is the increased levels of SUN too !!

  • Yes, in the UK I think many are deficient of Vit D and don't realise it particularly that it is a hormone and not just a vitamin.

  • I think it is the SUN and not necessarily the Mediterranean Diet Marz. We have some Spanish friends and the health of Spanish people does not seem much better than ours though, but they do seem to smoke more than us. Perhaps the younger people will not smoke so much, and the full effect of the sun will be felt.

  • I think the Mediterranean Diet is the one that is Traditional Peasant Food that is natural and home grown. Sadly the Mediterranean Diet as I see it is being invaded by Fast Foods. Still on the whole there is more good food than bad here in Crete.....we do at least have LOTS of choices :-)

  • I like traditional Greek Food and there is still stacks of options.

  • Think fast food has a lot of our ill health to answer for. Love Traditional Peasant food in Greece and Corfu and Spain, but have not been to Crete yet - one day maybe.

  • Let me know when you are coming and I will help with locations :-)

  • Certainly will Marz. Your place sounds idyllic.

  • It's a gorgeous island and is the largest Greek one. Lots to do and see.

  • Will definitely think about it, Thanks Marz.

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