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Im so tired od being tired

So yesterday i met with my dr. i did stress test in which i nearlt passed out at the end. But went 14 minutes. Blood pressure went up to 140/80 pulse got to 180 while on the treadmill test..

later he told me i was fine and results were all normal. I am still having this weird chest pressure like low were ypur brea aut bone is and in the middle eapecially when pressing there. I am very Upset because im scared i could be walking aruond having heart attack or pass out in front of my kids. My cholesterol was perfect and so was ejection fracturE. Im scared. Everyonekeep saying anxiety and fear. After reading google it has frightend me.i am going to see hormone doctor on monday but im scared a once healthy person now has a blockage.

weight 160

ht 5"11

Low cholesterol

bp 98/58

Pulse 70

stress test normal ekg normal echo normal

mri of brain normal mra normal

blood work or thyroid and liver and kidneys normal

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Without seeing the actual results and reference ranges for thyroid,liver,kidneys tests no one here can tell you if they are "normal" its a overused and nonsense word from the medics

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I understand just scared i am having a blockage. :(


Robin, it's good practice to ask for a printout of blood results. 'Normal' is a very broad range and being at the top and bottom or range are both 'normal' but can make a great difference to how you feel. Ask your GP receptionist for a print out of your recent thyroid, and if done, ferritin, iron, vitamin D, B12 and folate results with the lab reference ranges. If she isn't allowed to give you them ask the practice manager. When you have them post them in a new question with the lab ref ranges and members will advise.

Low cholesterol, BP 98/58, pulse 70 look good and don't indicate heart issues.


hello, I use to get that too.

yes , very scary when it is happening.

In my case, it was the stress and anxiety causing extreme muscle tension.

(Also, hypo thyroid cases tight when stress and worry is added to our condition, the muscles tighten even more.

When I get like that now, I know I need a massage, and every time she starts massaging me there, it is painful, which proves, the muscles have tightened again.

I have learnt over the months, how to massage that area myself now.

Once I have massaged for a few minutes, there is great relief.

Good luck


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