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I started thyroid s on Saturday. ... yest and today I've taken 2 grains daily splitting the dose .... today as I stood at the checkout I couldn't remember my pin number! !!!.... I was panicked and eventually remembered it..... at work I also couldn't think of my work extension number to!!!!! Not really feeling anything to speak of other than needing to pee more often. ... is this normal?

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  • I had severe memory problems when I started taking T3 only. Increasing my dose fixed the problem. You may just need more thyroid-S. If that doesn't help then perhaps you need to add T3 to your thyroid-s or perhaps you might do well on T3 only.

  • I trust you were previously on levo because if your just starting taking thyroid meds you should not be starting with 2 grains of NDT

  • Think you were previously on 150mcg Levo? 2 grains is roughly the equivalent of 200mcg of Levo.

    I think 2 grains might be a little too much too soon, but others will definitely chip in with what they think.

  • Unfortunately the conversion charts are extremely inaccurate. I was on 125mcg levo but needed 4.5 grains NDT. This is very common. I can't remember the reasons why but it is explained somewhere on the Stop the Thyroid Madness website.

    Of course everyone is different and some will be well on 2 grains where others will need as much as 6 grains.

    2 grains may contain too much t3 in the early days for some people though.

    Carolyn x

  • You just can't do equivalencies, when, for example, some people don't convert t4 to t3 well, so t4, is like nothing to them, making them worse.

  • Definitely too much for a starting dose. I made that mistake! You really need to increase much more slowly. Start on 1/2 a grain and increase by 1/4 grain every 10 days. Keep going until you feel it's a little too much then cut back to to where you felt ok.

    I'm now on 2.5 grains and it's the best I've felt in more years than I can remember!

  • Unfortunately it is always likely that one is going to experience some odd effects when changing meds and/or doses. As a comfort blanket in the short term you might have a little cheat sheet hidden away somewhere with essential numbers etc on it? Of course, then you have to remember where you put it ... :-)

  • What dose of levothyroxine were your taking as 2 grains of NDT is equal to approx 200mcg levo. I just wonder if you are taking the equivalent. NDT needn't be split and you can take one daily dose. If you are taking a bit too much, you may need to reduce slightly to approx equal to levo.

  • I get that thing with not remembering numbers especially when put on the spot.

    PIN numbers, phone and to my embarrassment birth dates. Even my own kids.

    I tend to write them down if I need to pick up a script or something where they ask me their date of birth.

    Seems to be most common if I don't expect being asked. My mind just goes blank.

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