Confused about lab results

Hi everyone... This is my first post here and I do not know a lot about the thyroid so I'm sorry if all my terminology isn't correct. Here's my story::

I went to the ER a couple weeks ago for a stomach bug. They decided to run some blood work including my tsh and T4. My tsh was normal but my T4 was just slightly high. I went to my primary care doctor the next week and she wanted to rerun the labs. I got them rerun and they came back the same. Now I have to go for an ultrasound of my thyroid tomorrow and also schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what's going on with my blood work. From my understanding, if my T4 is slihhtly high, then shouldn't my tsh be low? What would cause my T4 to be high and my tsh to just stay normal? I'm so scared... I am a healthy 24 year old who has never had a major health issue. Now I'm so scared something is really wrong with me! Any insight or encouragement would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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  • Do you know your results?

  • I believe that my tsh was around 2.4 and my Total T4 was around 14.

  • Without ranges, it's hard to be sure, but generally an FT4 of 14 is mid-range (not high) and that TSH is slightly high.

    Your symptoms sound more hypothyroid than hyperthyroid.

  • I should have looked at the ranges. Everything was just kind of a blur. I remember the test saying my tsh was around 2.5 and the high end of that range was about 5. And the high end of the t4 range was around 11 and mine was around 14.

  • OK. That's an unfamiliar range for FT4 - generally here in the UK they run from 11-ish to 20-ish. But that TSH is slightly raised - although in range, once it climbs over 2.0, hypothyroidism is a possibility.

    Try not to worry. It sounds like your doctor's doing the right things to check your thyroid function. Hopefully you'll know more soon.

  • I just want to double check...

    Was the T4 result referred to as Free T4 or Total T4? And are you based in the UK or elsewhere?

  • without the actual figures and the reference ranges we cant tell you

    normally a high free t4 and low tsh would mean Hyperthyoid/Graves Disease but you may have Hashimotos and be in the start of a hyper phase

    Its vital that ALL thyroid Antibodies are checked

    Also ferritin



    vit d3


    since these can gives clues too

  • Make sure to request and get printouts of all your lab results with the lab's reference ranges alongside each result.

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