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Hi Guys ,

my DIO2 Gene test cam back and i have been told that both of the gene from my father and mother are defective of converting T4 / T3.

i am under supervision of leading endocrinologist at Guys Hospital and i am thinking how to to tell her that this is the case and how do i need to be treated.

i also have low testostrone levels and my doctor is willing to prescribe Testostrone gel. however i am thinkg if she gets convicned to give me T3 , would that have any effect on my testostrone production ?

as i would prefer to be as less medication as possible. ?

any advice / experience welcome.

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Take it you have had your blood tests done, in order to check your Thyroid. If its more than Thyroid you have as you are not saying what your doctors suspect, it may be Pernicious Anaemia both run in families. Don,t worry its not the end of the world.


It is a shame that you had to have the expense of that test, when symptoms alone and standard ft4 ft3 testing, would have shown that you don't convert well. Why did you have to get that test done? Would your doc's not give you proper testing?


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