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Seeking endocrinologist for hasimotos

Hi anyone!

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 22 and given levothyroxine ever since, I was then diagnosed with fibromalgia about a year or 2 later, but then visited an endocrinologist (one off appointment paid for by my employer) about 7 years ago who confirmed I actually had hashimotos.

I have been following the recommended lifestyle changes to improve life with these difficult conditions and have maintained a successful high pressure career despite them. It has been tough though.

Recently the pain and fatigue has got worse. I have been to doctors but they say everything is fine, but then they only test TSH.

I'm now 35yrs old and my husband and I now want to try for a baby. I went to see my doctor and asked to be referred to an endocrinologist to support me on this, but he said that I didn't need to.

This goes against the blogs and forums I have read.

Does anyone know a endochrinologist that specialises in hashimotos and would be able to check and advise for pregnancy? I live in London, herts, beds, bucks area and I'm willing to travel to find the right person.

Thanks to anyone who can help.


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Firstly theres no way on earth anyone can treat Hashimotos on TSH alone as evidenced by your symptoms

2nd no wish to cause upset but Hashimotos is very genetic and hereditary along with coeliac and endo , dyslexia and aspergers

Think very very carefully how you would handle all this in your offspring


My Hashis daughter has 3 hashis daughters and an aspergers son the girls have dyslexia and endometriosis too

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Have you had your B12 levels checked, underactive Thyroid and B12 deficiency go hand in hand and the symptoms you describe could be down to low B12, its worth getting checked anyway and please don't accept your doctor telling you the level is normal if it is just within the range (they always do this) If you have the symptoms and are in the low range you will need B12 injections. Hope this is of some help. You could always check out this group on Facebook too New Beginnings B12 Deficiency Information and Support Group as they are super informative and supportive :) Hope you feel better soon x


Hi Jenna

Hope you found a good endo. About the fibromyalgia, my massage therapists in UK &US said I was like their clients who have fibromyalgia . The day after starting NP Thyroid and dropping Levothyroxine after 15 years, most of my muscles became normal - my therapist says I will not need to see her anymore! There are other improvements in my health which I am monitoring - over 20 so far.

I think that the denial of alternatives to Levothyroxine is criminal and needs to change.

The endo I was referred to years ago said they only prescribe Levothyroxine in the clinic so it was like hitting my head against a brick wall.

If you don't try other meds how will you know if you could have a better outcome or not?

Good luck

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