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This is a great site and I would welcome anyone's thoughts.

I was diagnosed about 1 yr ago, no obvious hypo symptoms just lack of energy. 4 nodules were found on thyroid gland but considered too small for biopsy. Started 50 mg Levo but didn't notice any difference. After next blood test Endo increased Levo to 75mg, then things changed, I started to experience hypo symptoms, hair loss, skin getting drier, nails brittle. After 8 weeks I became exhausted and very breathless. A slight cold left me feeling lousy.

I had a head injury about 30 years ago and now my neck muscles stiffen, on 1 side leading to tension headaches. I had learnt, with exercises, to release this tension, however with these hypo symptoms this doesn't work and I need to take pain relief.

My GP, who is very understanding, says my recent blood test is okay but that I'm definitely experiencing hypo symptoms. At my request he's trying to get Armour or similar, so I hope to try that soon.

Has anyone else experienced this quick change in symtoms ie deterioration with increased meds?

Thankfully, I'm not so fatigued at the moment and have reduced my Levo back to 50 mg until Armour arrives.

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Hi jbrick

At least you were diagnosed before other symptoms appeared except your low energy.

You may actually need an increase in levo. If the thyroid hormone is a bit on the low side for you we can then begin to get other symptoms. Another reason can be that levothyroxine isn't working for you, for some people it doesn't. That fact that your doctor is looking into prescribing Armour is a good thing as that has all the hormones that we would have produced if our thyroid gland was healthy.

I was never well when on levothyroxine. In fact I felt much worse than before diagnosis but many people do fine. Sometimes, I think, levothyroxine is not compatible with our bodies for some people.


That's exactly it, I feel worse now with Levothyroxine than I did without any medication. Hopefully, I can try Armour soon


Your doctor sound like one in a million. Don't let him get away!


Eeng. 1in Umptem million seems a little on the low side - definitely a keeper, though.


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