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Is this true ?

I found an old blacks Medical dictionary in a second hand shop and looked up Thyroid (as you would) and was surprised to read . . .

"the weight of the thyroid gland is about 28.5 grams (1 ounce) but it is larger in females than in males, undergoes in many women A PERIODIC INCREASE AT EACH TIME OF MENSTRUATION, . . . "

Has any one Heard of this ?

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No, I've never read this.


I found it very odd :?


I believe its very true


Do you have any other info showing this? I would be interested thanks.


sadly no although you could try a Google Scholar search

I only know its what the Prof who diagnosed my husband said

that both cold weather and hormone cycles affect thyroid needs and some patients have to adjust their dose according to how they feel


Thanks reallyfedup123, will do a search and see what i can find.


No wonder I snore with that weight on the throat...


:-O :-)


Perhaps this would be of interest:

Size and Weight

Each lateral lobe of the thyroid is approximately 4 centimeters in height, about 2 ½ centimeters in greatest width, and about 2 centimeters thick. The isthmus is about 2 centimeters high. The weight of the normal adult gland varies considerably in different individuals (20-40 grams). It varies with the seasons, climate, geographic location, age, food, and sex. It is slightly heavier in females, and enlarges somewhat during menstruation and pregnancy. About 25 grams is given as the average weight.

From The Thyroid Gland and Clinical Application of Medicinal Thyroid published by The Armour Laboratories Chicago Illinois 1945.


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Forgive me Rod for not getting back to you before now, that is a very good find. It really is a temperamental little thing isn't it. With all those things affecting it its no wonder the docs and endos like to wait and watch. I could only find info about things affecting the thyroid hormones. Thanks Rod.


You don't have to respond simply because I posted! :-)

It is appreciated, though. Funny your original Blacks was also "old".


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