Could somebody recommend a doctor dealing with tyhroid and vitamins as I have been really ill with dizzy exshaustion depression can't walk properley because I am so so tired, everything has gone out of me if I want to get up in the night to use the toilet I am on the points of collaspe and getting out of bed is dreadful and walking I have tried earring regular I would like to see a doctor who is good in the essex area. Thankyou.

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  • If you want to sleep through the night ask the GP to refer you to urinologist who can prescribe Desmopressin. Been using it for years and can sleep 12 hours or more without needing a wee. Send an email to Louise Warvill (administrator) for her list on good NHS endos incase you find a GP who will refer you.

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. We do need more information as there is nothing on your profile. Are you taking medication ? What tests have you had done ? Are you taking vitamins ?

    If you can post your latest results with ranges then someone will be only too pleased to offer advice...

  • Loss of balance, particularly when you first get out of bed, can be a symptom of hypothyroidism (it certainly is for me). I hope you get the treatment you need. Good luck.

  • Thanks for replying I am totally wiped out no energy, can't walk properley, but because my tsh comes back normal all the time except for once and three months later it was normal, the doctor says it is anxiery and sends me to the mental health team?? How did you get your help? I am confused as I am dude for another blood test and full lipid profile and tsh when I asked the doctor about about t4 etc he said if the ths is normal they don't look at t4 and t 3 etc. I am not medically trained so I don't know what else to do anymore,

  • Make sure to have your blood test done first thing in the morning because any thyroid problem is more likely to show up then. Get your result (even if it is only TSH) and post it here with the lab range (the figures in brackets) and someone will comment.

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