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TSH help... was 9.4 but has now dropped to 5.8


I'm so confused as i don't know what's happening; i had a test 10 weeks ago and my TSH was 9.4 (the lab range was up to 6.9). As my TSH was high they also measured my T4 and that was 15 (lab range i think was 12-22).

I have just had my TSH retested and it has come out at 5.8. i had the blood taken at 7.30am, the doctor said i was borderline before so that was why i pushed for the second test due to them being unwilling to medicate me.

Now i know they are not going to help me and i have no idea what's going on?! I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks x

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I've read that over 5 with symptoms should be medicated. Perhaps others can help validate?


The first word which comes to mind is a rude one because this is a complete misuse/misinterpretation of the guidelines. If you're symptomatic they can treat you before your tsh reaches 10. Have they tested your antibodies? And if not, why not? If you have a raised tsh with antibodies you have Hashimoto's, and if you also have symptoms they can and should treat you. They are just waiting for you to get ill enough for them to judge you treatable, which could take years, by which time you'll feel/be very ill indeed.

I would suggest you bring this to your gp (scroll down about halfway to 'when to treat'):

If they still refuse after all this time you would do well to find another doctor. If you're having a hard time getting a diagnosis I would wonder what kind of treatment you'll get once they grudgingly put you on meds. This is unacceptable. I'm so sorry they're making life so hard for you. x


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