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Once upon a time there was a bad tempered old bat etc

The bad tempered old bat, awoke one gloomy Monday morning tempted to write yet another blog, but while deeply procrastinating over a) work to be done b) frightful daily keep fit c) cleaning d) on line tax returns d) fuss about nothing: e) procrastination about my procrastination etc

Instead she decided to ask everybody to do more than just sign this petition.... but also to promote it....I myself would like to be prescribed Natural Desiccated Thyroid preparations and I would also like to have testing on the NHS. People power will alone will make this a more achievable goal.... for all of us.


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I agree Mary we should be able to get this natural treatment on the NHS.

There are far to many of us not being kept stable on thyroxine, i being one of them.

You have my full support, people power hopefully will speak out in our favour.



Thanks, please recruit, neighbours, friends, colleagues, relatives etc via email, or any which way... as it needs a huge volume of signatures. MaryF


We should make this 'our tune' Mary. Hopefully we will get things changed re medication because we certainly didn't choose 'to get' thyroid problems!


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