Are you a procrastinator or proactive

difficulty concentrating is listed as a hypothyroid symptom and I would generally list that as one of my symptoms but I always thought that wasn't strictly true as its more that I have plenty concentration for the things I shouldn't be doing and not for the things I should be doing so I looked up the definition of procrastination and I would definitely say that is more what I have a problem with (I am writing this when I should be working for example!). Would you describe yourself as proactive or a procrastinator? I'm also very indecisive.

Is procrastination a psychological effect of thyroid disease?

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  • In my other life, prior to the thyroid nightmare, I would have said I was proactive. I am still proactive in my head but I feel so tired with all things thyroid that I just can't be bothered, it wears me out and I certainly put anything off that can be done tomorrow. My preference at the moment, in an ideal world, would just to be waited on.

    I am not too bad on decisions which I have to make for myself, but other people asking me to make decisions drives me round the bend.

    I would say that procrastination is an enforced psychological effect of thyroid disease?

  • Hi Jan you are just describing me to a T. I could sit around all day and be waited on. lol I really must get up and try to do something, anything.

    Jo xx

  • I think I am a procrastinator these days too. Can't even remember what I was in the past but I taught primary kids so I think I must have been bright eyed and bushy tailed and able to make decisions back then.

    Nowadays I'm like you jan4363, I'm fairly ok on deciding for myself but it drives me round the bend when my husband asks me to make decisions about things that he could easily make himself. It isnt that I don't care and I know it is horrible but sometimes I just feel like yelling 'just decide'

    I do find I waste a huge amount of time these days putting off things that I ought to do, I have plenty of ironing that I have rearranged several times that I will have to do and I'm working on a patchwork quilt - if I don't get a move on the baby will be born and probably getting married.

    Ha - husband has just walked past and in response for my request for 'a tea or coffee' has asked if I want tea or coffee! Decisions, decisions :-)


  • Oh dear - just after posting this I got a phone call from number one son - baby's father's friend. Baby girl arrived at the weekend! I really had better stop procrastinating and get the quilt finished.


  • Procrastination is quite definately a symptom of hypo. In fact, I've always called it hypocrastination, and I get regular attacks. Making up my mind is agony too, so I usually say ok, I'll decide tomorrow. But today is tomorrow - if you see what I mean - and I've got to decide, do I or don't I? And I just don't know!

    Hugs, Grey

  • I'm really not sure.

    I'll get back to you next week, maybe.


  • Like

    Jo xx

  • :-)


  • Hypocrastination - I like it. I think unless you have been this way it must be very difficult to understand just how difficult it can be for someone to be unable to get their head round making decisions and sometimes you just have so many decisions to make - maybe 'decision fog' is a sub - division of brain fog.


  • I think I have become less pro-active but I have devised my own '10 minute rule'. I find that if I set a stop-watch for 10 mins to complete a certain job it revvs. up my metabolism and it fires me up to do more. When I do get tired, and I am careful not to push myself beyond sensible limits, I have a 'planned' chillax and it stops the drift into ennui which is so depressing.

  • I've got a book called the 15 minute rule and that's basically what you do. It really works - if I do it that is,


  • Definitely a procrastinator. It took me a long time to decide. I kept putting it off.

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