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Over heating

I had my thyroid removed about just over a year ago

Before that I would be unable to stay near anything hot, funny but at the time I thought it was bad

Now I know different!

When it's hot & humid & I'm working ( home or work) l over heat to the point where I feel like l can't catch my breath & I am drenched in sweat- my hair is like l have just had a shower

Drs dropped my thyroxin down to 75mcg but it hasn't improved at all

I feel so drained & lifeless after a day of this & when it's a hot night I'm ABsolulty behind the energy train when I wake up

It's becoming weary battle that I feel like I'm loosing

Any ideas people?

I don't like being a slime fest

People comment that I'm loosing weight which while nice I know it's because I feel sick & don't feel hungry- nothing tastes right so I want hot spicy food which Doesnt taste hot- lol I have a little chicken with my Tabasco sauce


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what are your thyroid blood test results ?

if you had your thyroid removed symptoms are more likely due to underactive thyroid not over unless theres thyroid tissue hidden somewhere else in your body


I too wonder if you're undermedicated and if the gp dropped your levo with an indication that you're overmedicated or just because they thought hot = hyper. If you had it on a higher dose and it continues on a lower dose, you need to know what your tft results are.

I had difficulty regulating hot and cold when I was on levo alone. On one hand it was good that I wasn't cold all the time, but I also found I couldn't put my coat on a minute sooner than necessary or if I was detained in the house (for example if I was ready to go and realised I didn't have my keys) I felt hysterically overheated and claustrophobic in my cold-weather gear, which had never happened before.

Are you a perimenopausal woman and if so have you had sex hormone tests? This could also be an issue.


Hi fed up when I have graves and thyroid destroyed with RAI. When I was on thyroxin I took about 150 I was always so hot during the day time and had prickerly heat. By the night time I was so icy cold. My partner could fel it radiating from me. I didn't do very well on thyroxin and since starting T3 I haven't looked back. It may be that you would also benefit from something different than thyroxin. It's difficult to self medicate with no thyroid function so it's good to find the right endo. I hope you manage to get sorted. It's really horrid when your hot and uncomfortable. :-)


I relate to the over heating you are experiencing. I used to get so warm and so wet from perspiration that I had to keep a towel around my neck. I am hypothyroid but that turned out not to be the problem. I had a complete hysterectomy at 49 and am with out the ovaries. A visiting female GP asked me if any one had tried to "balance me". Nope. She put me on progesterone cream and that put an end to the sweats. I don't know if this applies to you, but sending the info in case its useful. Caps.


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