PQQ - Pyrroloquinoline or bio quinonine

Has anyone tried PPQ? I have been researching mitochondria and stumbled on the next thing up from q10...although it has probably been around a while. Feeling hypoish, weak, painful and stiff over Xmas and just desperate to find ways of improving energy. I also spotted a casual ref by Ray Peat about mitochondria (also) being fueled by daylight....the dark kills them off? As thyroid function is pivotal in ATP, it seems the science is looking for it's potential on humans. Anyway, have ordered some from well-known supplement firm...will let you know if I go off like a rocket!!

Happy New Year

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  • Helbel,

    Happy new year likewise. No I have not heard of or tried PQQ but let me know how you get along with it.

  • Thanks Leroi. I'm also seeing an endo today for the first time...eek - hope they are good.

  • Let's hope you do ! Please keep us posted !

  • Helbell: i don't mean to rain on your parade, as it were. However there is quite a debate out there about whether this supplement really does have any relevance in humans... a quick look at the wikipedia page shows scientific controversy is raging about the marketed version. Here's a link to one researcher's page chris-anthony.co.uk/myresea...

    There's nothing to suggest you will come to any harm. Just suggestions that this might not be The Thing which helps you feel better, is all.

    I really want everyone here to feel heathy, and new research / treatment options are always worth investigating so please let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Catslave...I'm one of those too...spect ya could tell. Thanks for the link...I read then plugged some more search terms in. Looking slightly more positive on link below. Too late, I have spent out. I don't trust any drug company really as they are all biased to their own ambitions. Will def let you know. ....I'm a mammal :)


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