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Hi all. Um where do I start, I haven't been feeling myself for around a year now, I am putting weight on, I ache, my muscles feel week,hair is getting thin, I get sweaty after any little thing I do, my joints snap crack and pop! I get bad spots, just generally feel knackered, I had my bloods done and my results are TSH 2.03. ft4 11.2 ft3 4.2,

I had my thyroid ultrasound on Wednesday and it was normal, being retested in 6 months.

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You are HYPOTHYROID no matter what any doctor tells you

Your TSH has risen above 2

your Free T4 is at bottom of the range as is your free t3

ferritin needs testing and that likely very low indeed

as might be folate

vit B12

Vit D3

Thyroid Antibodies need testing

and you need thyroid meds along with correction of ferritin levels

be very sure to take a good multivitamin last thing before bed because hypothyroid trashes all vitamin levels long before any doctor recognises the condition


Thanks for your reply, I'm not going mad I was told by my doc that it's not a big deal and I said tell my body that!


Sadly doctors know not a lot

try learning from those on this forum who know the score


I am sorry you aren't feeling so well. It could be due to your thyroid gland but the results look 'normal' although you haven't given the ranges (the figurs for the range are usually in brackets). Labs differ throughout the country and it makes it easier to comment.

Normal doesn't mean you don't have a thyroid problem and will give you a couple of links:


Thanks shaws. I will ring the surgery tomorrow and get the the ranges for my area to see where I am.


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