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Can I be sensitive to other medications with hypothyroid?

I`m still waiting for my next increase of levothyroxine, to 100 mcg from 75 mcg and have been getting joint pains in my knees and wrists. So I`ve been taking pain medicines and then realized I`m getting sweats and nausea again.

I`m seeing my doctor tomorrow and I`ll ask for the other blood tests like ferritin etc


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You definitely need a rise in thyroid medication. Muscle/joint pain is also a clinical symptom. It's a hormone we need in our receptor cells (T3).

Also any other medication/supplements we should take 4 hours apart from levothyroxine so as not to interfere with the uptake.


Thanks shaw,

I wasn`t clear in my question.

I take tramadol for a bad back but not near the time I take levothyroxine. I saw online at patient uk that tramadol may not be suitable for people with thyroid conditions. I sometimes have morning nausea and wondered if the tramadol build up maybe the cause? I didn`t take tramadol today and it`s strange but I feel more clear headed- as though my levo is working better.

I will have to taper them though as I believe it`s dangerous to just stop them.

I am asking the doctor tomorrow about this plus I`ll ask for ferritin etc blood tests.

I`m 3 weeks in on 75 mcg levo so not due an increase just yet.


No, it may be a bit early for an increase yet. Some doctors will increase after 4 weeks but normally it is around 6 weeks for increases.


Bilateral joint pain can also be a sign of inflammatory arthritis so I hope your gp checks your ESR and CRP for inflanmation and perhaps your rheumatoid factor and vitamin D levels too if possible. Not everything is always thyroid related.


I hope that this is some help but I also take both thyroxine and tramadol and has the yuk sick feeling when taking them at the same time. I find that if I take the thyroxine first thing on an empty stomach and then have breakfast an hour later and take the tramadol after it that helps and I don't feel sick.


Thank you for your reply,

I`m stumped. I saw my doctor and he said my nausea may be because of the tramadol. I`m beginning to think it maybe because I need an increase in thyroxine?

Thanks for your suggestion, I haven`t been taking them together but I`ll try to make sure I have food 1st.


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