Results come back over medicated but I don't feel it?

Hi! Had bloods done nearly over a week ago, its now nearly 4 weeks since I had my baby. Dr rang today to say I'm over medicated, I didn't write the results down but think tsh is very suppressed and t4 was about 28. I haven't had any usual symptoms, in fact I'm very constipated since birth and fall asleep immediately when I can!

My Dr agreed to retest me in 4 weeks after I told her I feel OK, and remain on the dose, although she was keen to reduce me at first. Now I'm worried maybe I should just reduce..I'm very confused.

Do levels go a bit crazy sometimes after birth? Should I reduce immediately or wait to get retested?


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  • I've also started taking nutri thyroid again which I know can alter blood tests, maybe that affected the results?

  • Also be very very sure never to take your thyroid meds for at least 24 hours before a blood test or you land up in this situation

  • If you feel fine stick with it

    are your breastfeeding ?

    your doctor needs to ignore TSH its a nonsense as several pieces of research will prove

  • Yeah Im breastfeeding. That t4 is very high though isn't it?

  • You cannot tell if you are over-medicated by looking at the FT4. You need to see your FT3. But more important than that is how you feel. If you feel fine, then that's all that matters, not some number on a sheet of paper. Doctors are so ignorant!

  • I've never had it tested. They dont generally do that here!

  • No, I know that. But it's down to you to insist - or do it privately - because it's very important. Doctors must not be allowed to dose by the TSH!

  • Your ferritin could be low which may be why you need a high t4 level to feel well

    did you have an overactive thyroid before you became hypothyroid because that causes the body to be sensitised to very high thyroid hormone levels and you need a higher than normal level afterwards

  • That's interesting, thanks! My iron is fine, she tested it too. I've been looking online and apparently its common to go a bit hyper after having a baby so maybe that's what's happened. Can't work out why I'm so flippin constipated tho!

  • Grace, If your FT4 range tops out at 22 or 24, FT4 28 isn't bad. Some people need it that high with suppressed TSH in order to feel well.

    Have a read of Dr. A. Toft's (ex president of BTA) comments about dosing/levels in Pulse Online

  • You are breastfeeding so you need far more liquid and fresh fruit and salads and even vit c tablets to make up for the fluid lost in breast milk

  • Then disagree with your doctor and keep disagreeing till he backs down!! Test results mean very little go by how you feel not numbers!!

  • Take some magnesium for your constipation. Works for me really well.

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