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T3 only and ct3m

Hi everyone I am now on T3 only have been for approximately 4 months. My dose has just increased to 40 from 30 as I was feeling hypothyroid. 

I usually take my first dose around 9am 20mcg a d then split remainder but still haven't felt great after 12 pm onwards. Over the last few days i decided to try ct3m despite Genova saying my morning cortidol was high.

I find ta king it at 8am knocks me out untill about 10. 00 deep sleep but I am waking feeling a bit better and doing better throughout the day. My bp and hr are ok

I just done understand the deep sleep afterwards can anyone help. Obviously I can keep sleeping till that time every day ? ☺

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I have no answers I am afraid but have recently started T3 after 2 years on Armour with only partial improvement. I was taking first dose of Armour at 4.30am after trials of different timings so take 20mcg T3 at that time now and generally go back to sleep for 2-3 hours which is the best sleep of the night.


I might try taking it earlier just for a few days a little hesitant due to higher morning cortisol but maybe worth a try. If it doesn't help I will just go back to taking it after 9am


Guess you have looked at Paul Robinsons book and website? I found them useful. My early morning cortisol levels are ok but decided to give CT3M a go as wasn't getting anywhere plus it fits in better with the calcium supplements I have to take. Would be interested to know how you get on.


I will let you know how I respond thank you


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