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Back on a Levothyroxine, not well amd feeling a bit of a failure. Difficulty raising dose?

To cut a long story short, since the ERFA debacle I have struggled with every desiccated thyroid I have tried and so am now back on to levothyroxine.

My doctor started me on 25mcgs of wockhardt ( I was very hypo) for 3 weeks. I was absolutely fine on this apart from the odd bit of nausea and feeling very hypo but no adverse reactions.

Then I tried to raise to 50 mcg's and after only 3 days was hit with most earth shattering depression. It was terrifying. I seriously felt suicidal. I called my GP and immediately dropped back to 25 mcg's and things improved slightly. Much less depression.

I am woefully undermedicated but frightened to raise incase it happens again.

I recall this depression happening years ago when I was given Teva levothyroxine. I was fine on mercury pharma.

Can anyone please take a guess as to why this is happening?

I'm wondering if my body wants to wait for the first 25mcgs to convert before sticking anymore in there?

Sorry to be a pain. Incidentally today I went and got some mercury pharma levothyroxine and am going to try and raise with that.

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Joesmum, try 25/50mcg on alternate days for a week or so. If you tolerate it increase to 50mcg daily. I don't know why this happens but some members do have difficulty increasing dose by 25mcg increments but will tolerate 12.5mcg increments.

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Thank you Clutter. That's very helpful and I will give it a go.


Just a thought, have you tried T3 ? T3 is given to some people for depression. My thinking is your hormones might be being unbalanced by too much T4 ? or your not converting the T4 to T3 ?


Yes I know where you're coming from. T3 is going to be my last port of call. It could be that I'm not converting it fast enough. I think I am a slow converter.

I will try the mercury pharma tomorrow though. See how that effects me. It worked in the past and didn't give me depression but that was years ago?? Strange.....


Have you had a saliva stress test? My cortisol is on the floor and it interupts take up of thyroxine and makes me feel really really ill. I have been using T3 only using Paul Robinsons method for 10 weeks, but still my cortisol levels are stopping me getting enough T3 because everytime the dose goes past a certain level my blood pressure goes through the roof. I would reccommend getting a stress test done the details are on THyroid UK's webpage. It's a big big pain!


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