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Anyone here take MercuryPharma T3? If so do you still monitor your bloods?

I'm seeing my GP tomorrow after battling terribly with Levo and still only managing to raise to 62.5 mcg's after 5 months. Various hideous side effects.

I am going to talk to him about T3 but know it is only available as 20mcg tabs in the UK.

Do any of you here take the Mercury Pharma liothyronine sodium?

Are you happy with it?

Do you still have your bloods monitored?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Joesmum, 20mcg Liothyronine is easily cut into 10mcg doses with a pillcutter. It's nigh on impossible to cut even 5mcg quarters. It's important to have FT3 tested when you take T3. If your GP won't do it I would recommend private testing every 8-12 weeks until your dose is optimised.

I take 30mcg MP T3 in addition to T4. Entirely happy with it. Endo manages thyroid meds and bloods, likely to be every 6 months now.


I have 20's and 5's both of which I get here in the UK ( I know the 5's are quite expensive the pharmacy tell me)... the 5s are by Perrigo in Minneapolis the label says. The 20's which pharmacy says are easier to get are in a little brown bottle so I don't know who they are by.. I get them both from my GP pharmacy.. I do have to order 5's well in advance as the 5's take about a week to get.. I take 25 on waking 25 before lunch and 5 at about 5pm ... I have my bloods done by GP surgery before I go and see my endo which is 2 or 3 times a year.. I also take 25mcg of Levo 2 or three times a week (I'm supposed to take it every day but it makes me itch!!) I'm a lot better than I was just on Levo got up to 275mcg and still felt dreadful with lot's of side effects... with the very first T3 tablet I felt warm for the first time in 12 years. I walked around showing the children my warm feet. I am still not perfect but I function far better than on just Levo... Ask for a trial of T3 and if GP isn't comfortable prescribing then see if you can get in touch with a good Endo.

I also started to feel a bit better when I started a Gluten free diet.. It's difficult but I feel more alert in the mornings and less wiped out in the afternoons.. Hope you feel better soon, keep asking questions on this wonderful website as I have learned more from the very informed users here than from the medical establishment. Good Luck...


Yes I'm on30mg of t3 and use a pill cutter to divide the pills. Much much better than I was on Levo. I had a hemilobectomy last November so had quite a few blood tests in the last year but expect to be only about every 6 months when replacment dose settled down


plenty of people have problems with mercury pharma levo but mercury pharma are also the only supplier of NHS T3 and theres been complaints about that too

yellow cards have been submitted but zero gets done


Thank you all for your replies. I was thinking of asking the gp to lower my LEVO to 50mcgs and start adding 5mcgd of T3. I think he will be willing to do this but I'll let you all know after I've seen him.

I am a bit concerned that you say (reallyfedup123) there have been problems with merciry pharma T3. What sort of problems?


Yes, yes! Are you sure it's side effects of Levo though, and not signs of too low a dose of Levo. I would advise that you give Levo a really good try before changing to T3 as it's tricky, needs multiple doses for most people and can take years to get properly stable, and may be more vulnerable to the effects of weather and temperature than Levo. Levo can work for most people for many years. I took it for many many years before starting T3.


Joesmum, are all your vitamins and minerals optimal? Have you had them tested? If something is low - iron, for example - you won't be able to use the Levo you're taking and that will cause bad symptoms. Might be an idea to look into that - ferritin, iron, vit D, vit B12, folate - and magnesium if you can. :)


Talk to your GP about getting Erfa or Armour- which contains both T4 and T3- and can made available to you on a "named patient basis". Good luck!


I don't get on with Levo at all, same as you get terrible side effects. Have had everything else tested and there are no other problems. Have tried all the brands of Levo and found Eltroxin to be the best, but had to switch to MP Levo when Eltroxin was unavailable. I take 5mcg of MP T3, I cut a 20mcg pill, as others have said its uneven, but has never caused me a problem. I tried switching from Levo to T3 but had awful side effects with this too, so my Endo changed me back to 50 mcg Levo and 5 mcg Liothyronine. As I take such a small dose of T3 I haven't experienced problems with MP, and yes I do still test T3 levels when I have blood tests. Its always been quite stable. I take my T4 and T3 first thing, but not at the same time. Hope this helps.


Thank you Carolinep that's very helpful and also very interesting. Perhaps we share the same body!! X


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