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Looking for a private Doctor to trial T3 or NDT


Can anyone help please?

I'm not getting anywhere within the NHS and am looking for a private Doctor who would be prepared to consider treating me with a combination of T3/T4 or similar rather than being governed purely by lab results.

I am on the lower end of the T3 range and cannot persuade my GP or Endo to even try me on a T3 treatment.

Does anyone know of a sympathetic Dr who would be willing to consider my symptoms rather than just the numbers.

London area, South East or Oxford if possible.

Please pm me and thank you in advance.


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Ella, email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of endos recommended by members. You should check with the endos prior to booking whether they prescribe T3 or NDT.


Hi, just thought I would say that I got referred from my GP to an Endo and eventually got T4 through him. I thoroughly researched T4, so that I could go armed with evidence of why I thought I needed it, list of symptoms I still had etc. That way he could see I had a good knowledge of what I was talking about and he couldn't just fob me off.

I don't live anywhere near the areas you want, but thought I would say that you can get it, keep trying. You have to find the right GP and be confident and persuasive with the specialist, easier said than done I know!


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