I posted an article by Henry Lindner a few days ago about TSH. I've just found an article on the same site about cortisol. Did you know that SSRIs like Prozac raise cortisol levels? I didn't! Not that that's a good reason to take them, as Lindner explains (again, another really great explanation of something I never quite understood before).

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  • Thanks for the link. We are always learning.

  • Interesting. When I was taking anti depressants my ft3 was always high in range and I felt well. As soon as I stopped taking anti depressants my FT3 dropped from 6.2 to 4.6.

    I have always suspected it was a lowering of cortisol that caused the levels to drop. Anti depressants can also help the conversion of if T4 to T3. Something to do with the raised serotonin levels. Who knows??

  • Very interesting article! Thank you !

  • OMG! thanks you SO much for this article. My saliva test ( 4x during the day) looked about flat. I can't tolerate the thyroid meds, so I've been living with a free T3 below normal...why don't doctors know this!!!

  • I shall read with interest because my cortisols levels were high. I am anti-depressants (low dose) but had just come off them but am now back on them because apparently they also help with sweats and mine have been unbearable lately on account of going through the change (cold clammy sweats).

  • Though having just read part of it, I have high cortisol but still bad fatigue, low stress tolerance, anxiety, sweating, brain fog and intolerance to cold so obviously there's much more to it than cortisol levels...

  • Same here FM, my plasma cortisol is 771 but I also have all those symptoms and so I thought I had low adrenals. No nearer an answer it seems. just sent off the saliva tests to see what they tell me.

  • Good luck, Sue. Glad I'm not the only one but not glad that you have all these symptoms. Let me know how you get on!

  • An excellent article, Jazzw. Thank you for posting. We mustn't underestimate the power of cortisol.

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