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Naturthroid availability

Just been told by <Admin deleted> , that naturthroid is no longer available. Ordered Westhroid instead. Anyone else heard this?

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No, I haven't and I think this would be quite unusual. Have you contacted RLC labs who manufacture Nature Throid.


Stephensmith, Westhroid is the hypo-allergenic version of NatureThroid also produced by RLC Labs.

I haven't heard elsewhere that NT is no longer available. I wonder if the pharmacy was just having trouble sourcing it?


Someone is saying something odd here.

The old Westhroid product had for years been identical to Nature-Throid.

They then introduced Westhroid P - a new formulation. After a while, they renamed it WP Thyroid (sometimes showing the word "Westhroid" nearby).

The old Westhroid is no longer available.

I am sure that Nature-Throid is the main product of RLC and they would not stop making it. (Of course, there could be a temporary supply issue.)



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