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Best Levo brands UK


I have just been diagnosed with an Autoimmune thyroid issue and my antibodies are very very high above 600. I went to see an endo and he has suggested I start off at a dosage of 50.

Could you please let me know what brands in the UK are better to use? From what I can google it appears there are only 2.

He confirmed that the "natural" alternative has not been signed of in the UK but only the US.

Could you please let me know what brands you use and if there are any that cause less side affects?

Also wouldn't mind knowing what side affects are common when you first start taking levo.

Also incase anyone isn't aware my endo told me it takes 3 months for the body to adjust to tablets.

Thanks a lot :)

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Hi I can't totally help but am interested to hear what people say.

I was always on 50mg by 'MercuryPharma'

I recently got increased to 75mg and got prescribed 25mg 'MercuryPharma' and 50mg 'Almus'


As silverfox has commented,it is not advisable to mix brands.......with a 75mcgs dosage a 50mcgs tablet can be split using a pill cutter( available from chemists)

Actavis is another brand available here in UK .

Hopefully,you will notice an improvement much sooner than three months.

Keeping a diary is also good advice,which I do too now.It really helps when it comes to changing meds and dosage,which invariably happens as we go along.

You will be able to refer to when you felt symptoms improved or got worse etc.

It's much better than trying to rely on memory.....good Luck.


I never knew this. I have been on it a week today... Could this explain my headaches and body aches?


Have a look on the Thyroid UK site as Loads of info which in sure you will find useful. The downside of any tablet is that it contains fillers. They do vary a little but the other thing to be aware of is that the potency of a particular brand can vary from another so best to chat with your pharmacist on which brands they get then stick to one of them whist you are getting stable on a dose. Have the doctor told you to go back for another blood test in 4-6 weeks. It takes about that length of time for your body to get it into the system and hopefully you will feel some improvement. But you probably still need more hence the retesting to see what your levels have reached. I would advise you also keep a diary of dose changes, symptoms etc. I wish I had when I first started! Also always get a copy of your results and the ranges. You are entitled to them though there may be a nominal charge to cover paper and ink. The ranges are important as they vary from lab to lab. If you then post these someone will comment. It's a bit daunting at first so again any questions then shout out-we have all been there and the help I have received has been tremendous. Read and learn all you can but remember patience is needed as it takes time to step up your dose, usually in 25 mcg increments. Welcome to the forum-sorry should have started with that!

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There are three makes, not two.


However, Wockhardt is only available in 25 mcg, and Actavis only in 50 and 100.

He is only partly right about desiccated thyroid. Erfa is "signed off" (licensed) in Canada. Thyroid BP used to be available until, I think, sometime in the 1980s.

Some people prefer one make to another - but, to a large extent, which I might prefer says little about the product because some people prefer one, others another.


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I started on 50 for two weeks then 100 for 5 months whilst heart checked out as side effect was angina type pains which a small dose of beta blockers stopped. Now on 125 and hope to go to 150 after blood tests next week as still struggling but better then I was.

See leaflet in box for possible side effects.Good luck.

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Thanks very much for your comments everyone. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many useful details. Lots more reading for me I think :)

I will post my results soon.


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