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Durham endo? Winter adjustment

I recall, but cannot find the post about a recommended endo at Durham Hospital. Can anybody advise, please?

Yep, that time of year again.......guess I'm not alone with probably needing an increase in levothyroxine come the winter months, which I have not been given before. Confess I have not chased, as on the whole I seem to be doing ok, however, BP up today - saw an HCA - sorry, no disrespect to them but they are not necessarily the best informed/trained of GP practice staff and I expect GP to call me in for bloods as part of the yearly review. The moral of the story is to check which nurse you have an appointment with. I am not able to post results yet. I am expecting cholesterol to be up too as I still think I may not been quite on the right dosage yet. Will visit another GP at the practice for another opinion, luckily there are a few to choose from. Dependant on discussion, I will ask for referral.

I have decided to have a 121 with my pharmacist before I go to the GP to be as informed as best possible and also to discuss staying on the same genetic product, as I was switched recently. Mindful of the different fillers etc. They can be useful for another opinion and guidance.

Other than that......... how may days is it till Christmas? Roll on winter solstice and the days getting longer:-)

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Perfect, thank you. Good to have up my sleeve.......:-)


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