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Happy Wednesday everyone.

I've been on t3 since September and the difference is amazing. I'm luck I have a good endo who has also prescribed it to me. I had been on some T3 from Turkey which were 25mcg each.

Anyhow this past week I've noticed I'm getting really cold again (I know it's winter, but I mean in the office with the heating on), tongue is swollen up, yawning incessantly and hoarse again. I wonder if the Mercury Pharma t3 isn't as strong?

I'm currently on 75mcg Levo and 35mcg t3 although last week I increased my levo to 100mcg. In terms of vitamins/minerals I do think my iron is on the low side ( I notice I bruise easily/badly) so I've started taking some iron again.

Today I'm pretty exhausted though. Maybe it's that winter is coming?

Hope everyone is ok x

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Thanks lovely, i can just feel symptoms creeping back after months of feeling better! I was on 175mcg/200mcg levo before so it isn't too much of a jump.


You have to request a blood test from the GP to check your levels. Get a copy with the ranges and post for comments.

Sometimes, just one dose for a while doesn't give the same effect and you need an increase. There was some dissatisfaction a few months ago with UK T3 and the suppliers also ran out of stocks. My chemist couldn't get any until Nov.


Thanks Shaws just booked an appointment for a blood test. Maybe I'm just under the weather a bit!


We have to listen to our bodies. Occasionally it could be the fillers/binders don't agree with us and others we just need to raise hormones. Also, we usually need more in colder weather and slightly less in hot weather.


There is a T3 group that states Mercury Pharma are the weakest T3 and Cynomel by Grossman the Strongest. As for levels that is not at all accurate or possible for many, as when you are on T3 only you could never measure your levels by blood tests, also remembering T3 supresses TSH so that freaks docs out when they see that

You should be splitting your T3 - doing a divided dose 12 hour apart at least, when on T3 only some take 4 doses

Just a suggestion but why not try NDT (Armour or Nature) and the very best regine for that is split doses i.e. (more if needed)

7am 1 Grain - some add some Thyroxine with that i,e 25mcg

7pm 1 Grain

I use to work with a ZA endo that was totally open to NDT, T3 and all adrenal issues and the best results we saw were with combined T4/T3 or NDT and for some who could not take either plain T3 but the T3 should be divided to give steady state levels

And of course more in winter and if blood testing dont take your T3 before your blood test (hence why its so difficult to test levels as its so variable)

BUT Mercury have had a very bad batch 81745 that everyone has been hypo on so check your batch


Brihayes, I saw only one complaint about 81745 potency. Most members who commented said they found that batch to be fine. I was on it for several months and am pleased to see 81745 is the batch I last collected.


On different forums many were complaining about batch 81745, a friend went drastically downhill on this batch getting worse each week she changed batchs and recovered. I believe it has a yellow card/warning logged against this batch also. You will find many complaints if you search google Mercury Pharma 81745, even here


Brihayes, Across the 3 HU threads the same two members report batch 81745 lacks potency. More members have complained about batch 82463 lacking potency on other threads.

Googling Mercury pharma batch 81745 revealed the 3 HU links you posted above plus the 4th down is a thread where you posted saying 81745 didn't suit your friend.


I also emails from TPA members and organiser asking about this batch, as so many were feeling poorly/hypo on it, My understanding is that this batch has had many complaints, of course not all will be online. The manufacturer has the details as to how many. Mercury seems to have so very many potency problems SCARY


Funnily enough the batch I am on is 81745, I just checked this morning. Coincidence? Should I mention to anyone? thanks guys


This is very strange, Personally I would contact your pharmacy and get them to change the batch and see how you are on the new batch. State to the pharmacy that you have not felt right for a while and some patients on a thyroud forum have stated they have had problems with this batch. My friend was so unwell on this batch and swapped batch's and is back to normal.

Then see how you are on the new batch and report back to your pharmacy and mercury pharma direct


Personally I think we should all boycot Mercury Pharma thyroid products. Toxic!

Put pressure on your GPs to specify a different brand. It's ridiculous how many people have had problems with their T4 and T3,


Thanks Flatfred. I thought MercuryPharma T3 was the only T3 they do in the UK?


Unfortunately that may well be the case which is part of the problem I keep banging on about. I don't understand why the Monopolies Commission isn't looking in to this.

If people complain to their GPs then something might happen. It's the GPs responsibility to prescribe a medication that works how it's meant to.

Mercury Pharma are making a fortune out of the NHS and making people unwell in process.

Mini rant over lol.


I am batch 81745 and have gone rapidly down hill. Since the end of Nov...I've had an ear infection, thrush, utis, acid reflux. Is it this batch???? I'm very poorly. Never been this ill before. i will check my diary and see when I started this batch. Maybe I should stop this batch????


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