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TSH 3.5 GP won't treat - Advice please!

I have had hypothyroid symptoms for 2 years. I have been tested for everything under the sun & it's comes back as 'normal' in the meantime I have gained 3 stone, have the bed routing of a 3 year old, a memory like a sieve, depression & my periods have stopped, all I have been offered is Anti- depressants & the contraceptive pill?! Feel like I have been labelled a hypochondriac & no longer want to see my GP, is there anything that I can do for myself treatment wise or could anyone recommend a private consultant either in the south west or wales? Am willing to try anything, it gas gotten to the point where it is really affecting my life & am not sure how much longer I can cope!

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with a TSH of 3.5 you need treating

what is your

free t4

thyroid antibodies



insist on them being tested and if your GP still refuses to treat you then do what so many others do and self treat getting NDT is actually very cheap ...............message me


My last free t4 was 11.3 not sure about the rest, will message u about the NDT & look for a private consultant I think, just know i'am not right!


if your free t4 was only 11.3 its way too low

your ferritin is likely too low as well

take iron plus at least 500g of Vit c

4 hours away from thyroid meds

also be sure to take a good multivitamin last thing at night


Thanks so much for all of your help!


wow!!! I had a similar experience about 16 years ago...I think I was around 3.5 and felt really rotten, but he wanted me to wait the gp....He also gave me anti depressants...and I gained lotsa weight too...After a year I some how got to see a different gp, and he said "Im putting you on levo- Synthroid right away"!! Thank goodness for mini miracles...Im not in the UK, but use to live there...Over here in Canada you use to be able to ask for a different GP, but not anymore....and there is a shortage of GP. I just get who I get now, but boy I go in armed with notes!!!!


Thanks for sharing your experiences it so nice to know I'm not alone!


:) I hope it all works out...


Ask for your Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies to be checked, my TSH results were not conclusive and this result allowed me to be prescribed thyroxine. Good luck


I was not treated until my TSH was 5.3. The doc didn't event test T4 or my thyroid antibodies. That was in 2009 and 3 months before that I was with a different Gp practice and had thyroid tests, and all I was told was that they were normal, no readings. I now ask for them with every test. My gp wont increase thyroxine and a private gp recommended an increase and gp still would not do it. I now self medicate like many others and have a referral to a 2nd endo. However, I live in Wales and there aren't any endos who specialise in thyroid here, only diabetes.

I will PM you with a private GP though x


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