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Thyroid eye disease and Botox ?

Hi just come back from seeing my ophthalmologist

And he said my eyes have got worse although it is still in early stages he going to send me to a orthopedist to check eye muscle strenght but in mean time he has suggested Botox he said it is not a long term solution but hopes it will stop further damage untill they have my thyroid levels under control. I haven't heard of this before

Has any one had it done find the thought of anything going near my eyes scary

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Botox is offered for different aspects of thyroid eye disease, from cosmetic to reducing the pressure to allow better movement.

'I have heard that "Botox injections" can make the eye disease better?

There have been a few reports, of some patients with eye disease experiencing improved vision and reduced pressure in the eyes after injection of the toxin in the eye muscles, as described in Botulinum A toxin injection for restrictive myopathy of thyroid-related orbitopathy: effects on intraocular pressure. Am J Ophthalmol. 2003 Apr;135(4):427-31.'

I have been offered botox for eye lids to help with the bulging appearance but have decided that if my eyes become stable to opt for decompression.

There is a good facebook page for people with thyroid eye disease. Mostly Americans which is interesting as they seem to be offered a greater range of treatments. Anyhows, it's a closed group called thyroid eye disease support group. It's sometimes good to share/vent with others and as it is a pretty cruel side affect of the disease.


Thanks shambles I'm lucky as my ted is quite mild but he said there has been deterioration in the muscles and my movement is not as good I do not have bulging eyes but one eye stares a bit so he is hoping it will improve movement


Good to hear you are getting treatment and by the sounds of it, good treatment. :-)


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