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Hospital visit

Just got home from another gp appointment, she is great my new gp, she said I have a worrying lump and goitre, and is referring me to hospital for a tube down throat to investigate, I was due to have a scan she is very concerned she said, should get my appointment within 2 weeks.

All my bloods came back fine too many to mention, b12, ferritins, glucose, autoimmune test, the only one I didn't have done was thyroid and cortisol, that will be done with endo when I get refered, dependant on results from throat investigation.

I have been losing my voice for a couple of years but it's gone worse sometimes gone altogether, and she said I have a goitre, more concerned about this lump, feel like there is something constantly stuck and the more I swallow the worse it gets,

Any ideas as to what it could be please, thank you c

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Scampi, as your bloods are normal it's probably a thyroid nodule or a cyst. It may be compressing your windpipe which makes you feel like something is stuck in your throat and the reduced airflow can make your voice hoarse and weak.

If you want to post B12 and ferritin results with the lab ref ranges members will advise whether they are optimal, normal just means within a very broad range.

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Hi Scampi

Seems to me that your GP is doing just the right thing in referring you for further investigation as soon as possible. As Clutter says, it is probably some sot of thyroid nodule or cyst, and these do not necessarily produce any symptoms except the voice/throat ones you describe. Try not to worry, and do post when you get some results.

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Hello :)

I had a lump in my neck above my thyroid- looked like an Addams Apple which I wasn't too happy about! It felt like something was stuck in my throat and made me feel sick a lot. I had it removed and it was a thyroglossal cyst (I don't know how you spell it!) so it could be that? Just do what your dr says as it sounds like they're getting it thoroughly checked :)

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