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Are you ever free of Thyroid cancer?

I was discharged from my oncologist a few weeks ago. Big celebration and relief. I then got to thinking,theoretically, if my thyroglobulin begins to rise, my thyroid beds begin to grow,that could be it back.

I know my Thyroxine is keeping my metabolism ticking over, but as its a suppression med too, are we ever truly free of the disease?

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Real Mission, I consider myself in remission, ie cancer free as my Tg is undetectable and TgAb <20 since completion thyroidectomy and RAI in 2012. I think 5 years remission makes recurrence less likely. I'm still under the care of the Joint Thyroid Cancer clinic.

How long were you with the oncologist and will you still have follow up Tg and TgAB blood tests? Is your TSH to be kept suppressed?


Hi Clutter,

Yes Im a little over suppressed as I can only cope that way. I was just thinking the other day, am I really free from cancer as the Thyroid bed can regrow if I don't take my meds.

I've been under the oncologist for 3 years, it was meant to be five, but he discharged me as he thought there was no chance of return. It was post celebration where it hit me.

Im sure it wont come back ,but with other surgeries, you cant grow back a cancerous organ, so once treatment is completed, you'll be fine. With us, it can reform and cause problems. I thought we are probably unique in that respect.



Thyroid regrowth usually only happens when low dose RAI is used to zap the thyroid because of hyperthyroidism. Surgery and high dose RAI for thyCa destroys remnant cells in the bed and any freed during surgery. Suppressed TSH, usually for 5-10 years, should stop any stray cells proliferating. TSH set point doesn't always recover after long term suppression even though meds may have been reduced.

Trust your oncologist and celebrate again :)

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I have read that cancer will not thrive if there is not an environment that cancer can thrive in. I am not a doctor so cannot tell you what to do but there are many stories told on the web that keeping the body away from an acidic ph state will prevent cancer from thriving.

People usually seem to achieve this through care with diet

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