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Help! Advice wanted, post-carb allergy reactions

Hi, came off carbrimazole about six weeks ago, had slowly reduced down over a few months to 5mg every other day... am feeling well apart from sudden reaction to dust (live in 400 year old house so plenty of it... :) been taking anti-histamine and some herbal medication, however the other day wore a woolen coat out and realised it had accumulated dust in the year I hadn't worn it, was not in position to take it off and was in an eye-watering, nose-running mess. I realise it's not terrible thing to have but wonder why??? Does it mean immune system playing up again.... is there anything I can do - apart from get a cleaner in and me out while it's sorted, usually fine outside house, also got 11-year-old gentle cat and two whippets I couldn't get rid of.... has anyone got any words of wisdom......? Much appreciated if you have....

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Hi Tilly

I'm sorry you haven't had a reply to your question - we do have a lot of posts to keep up with lately! Hopefully a knowledgeable member will see it from the newsfeed & respond.

J :D


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