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Has anyone had conflicting reports from other labs vs. Cyrex? I have Hashimotos, but Cyrex Array 2 (intestinal permeability screen) was normal. Also, my Array 4 (food sensitivity) came back completely normal, even though just 3 weeks earlier another lab said I had tested positive for gluten, casein, egg and soy sensitivities. I asked my chiro about the discrepancy and he said he checked with Cyrex and their answer was just that different labs get different results. If that is so, how do we know which one to trust?

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Hi I haven't had any Cyrex arrays however I did have a York allergy test years ago. I'm not able to find the results however I remember everything I had a reaction to correlated to what I had eaten the day before the test including things like cabbage. I did cut out the foods but it made naff all difference. So I'm wary of the York one now. There are alot of false positives with allergy tests. Cyrex are supposed to be good though. Maybe you are sensitive to those foods and it is worth cutting them out. If you have already cut them out they won't show up in tests with a strong reaction though. You may not have leaky gut which is good news.



Two years ago I had Cyrex test Array no 4 done which showed that milk, casein was out of range but whey protein which is a part of milk was within the normal range.

I don't understand this. I wrote to the practitioner to get some understanding.

I find it very strange.


My son is sensitive (allergic?) to casein but not whey. So I guess your results are possible. Have you been avoiding milk products, and if so, have you noticed any difference?


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