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Please help!

I have been tired since as long as I can remember. I have had so many tests done for various aches and pains over the years. Diagnosed with chronic migraine and now they think it is ME. I have such sluggish tiredness, headaches aching legs, feeling cold all the time, I have very hot showers that my husband thinks are ridiculous, brittle hair with hair loss, Feeling dizzy, nausea, dry skin, loss of sex drive, swollen ankles and puffy eyes. Maybe the dr is right and it is ME but thyroid problems run in both sides of my family and I feel for my children, husband and myself I have to be sure that my symptoms are not thyroid.

I would happily see a dr privately. We don't have lots of money but feel it would be worth it to rule out. My gp will only do standard tests and from what I have read these are not always accurate. I live in staffordshire/cheshire border, does anyone know of a decent dr that could help me, or does anyone have any words of wisdom that could help.

It is all so difficult, I want to enjoy my young children but I am always so tired and feel crappy

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I have responded to your question in Bev's post.


It is very important that you tell your GP that Thyroid problems run in your family - on both sides. am sure you have already done so - but try again :-) Hope you soon find someone to listen and help....

Also ensure you obtain the blood test results with ranges so you can post here and people will help you.


I would try t3 only , if you responded in some way you can rule out ME ?



I am diagnosed with CFS/ME/FM and post diagnosis found to have atrophy thyroid.

Now battling with Endo as just says 'you have a diagnosis'.

If you are CFS/ME diagnosed you should then be referred to the CFS/ME specialist who will assess you. Some areas have a year plus waiting list!

When I was assessed they reported that I do display CFS/ME but also other symptoms over & above (thyroid). Therefore they binned me as beyong their criteria ! Been going around in circles ever since.

I would strongly recommend that you get full testing for your thyroid before Dr. goes down the route of ME.

I do believe I have ME but also an overlapping thyroid/pituitary problem. Trouble is consultants are disinterested in me as they pass the buck back to ME. Hope that makes sense.

Insist all tests are done and refuse any diagnosis until the tests you want are done. ME can't be proven and purely diagnosed on process of illiminating other conditions. The symptoms do however overlap with other things like, thyroid, pituitary, Lupus etc..

Good luck xx


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