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Complete lack of motivation

Hello. I'm 17 and in my last year of sixth form. I went to the doctor's recently, after having hugely irregular periods, dry skin and depression, all of which lasted about two months. She told me that I may have an underactive thyroid, and should come back for a blood test. I am due to get my blood tested in two weeks' time, but I am certain it is hypothyroidism, as I have well over half the symptoms.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice on dealing with mental symptoms, like low concentration, sluggishness, confusion, mood swings and being easily upset? I still have a mountain of school work to do, most of which is due in three days time, and yet, I literally cannot make myself do it. This isn't just because I feel like procrastinating or I'm just being lazy, I can work for about ten minutes maximum before I feel exhausted or miserable, or else I start to get a headache.

Does anyone have any tips on dealing with these things?

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Hi catkinson. Until your doctor does the test and hopefully starts you on thyroid meds, there's not much you can except be patient.

I hope you've had a chat with your tutor at school so they understand you are struggling right now.

You could try eating little and often. Sometimes sudden bouts of fatigue can be due to low blood sugar, which can be a problem for hypo people.

If you're up for it, you could also try going gluten free. Try it for a couple of weeks. For some people this makes a huge difference.

Whatever you do, don't resort to coffee or energy drinks, they will affect your adrenals and make you worse.


Hi, the best thing I would say is to speak to your school. My daughter got diagnosed when she was 15 in (2011). She is repeating her last year now. The school can be very helpful and give you support. Unfortunately you do need to be patient with this. As rose trees suggested eating little and often can help, take care and I hope this is sorted soon xx

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Have you ever heard of David Brownstein, M.D. an American Holistic doctor? He is believed to be one of the foremost experts on thyroid disorders. Sadly, today many people are diagnosed with ailments that are actually triggered by a mineral deficiency. We have depleted top soils due to industrialised farming and chemical fertilisers. If the nutrients aren't in the soil then it goes without saying our fruit & veg is compromised. It is believed 90% in the UK fail their five-a-day, which has been raised to seven-ten-a-day to take into account the lack of nutrients.

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Not only is the soil depleted. The seeds of fruit & veg. are GMO (Monsanto) modified.

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It will do you no harm and may do much good to start on a good multi-vitamin and an Adrenal support. The vits and minerals it should include are B12, D3, Magnesium, iron (if you can tolerate it), Vit c, Selenium and Zinc. CoQ10 is also good.

Don't flog yourself over this school work - talk to your school about postponing it. It will be worth talking about whether to repeat this year, or what the best way forward may be. When you've had your blood test and treatment is under way - fixing a thyroid isn't instant: it could take several months before you feel in good shape again.

Your doctor could write to the school on your behalf, or at least give you a note for them.

Are your parents up to speed with what's going on?


When you get another blood test for your thyroid gland have it as early as possible and don;t take any medication before it. Your TSH is highest in the morning and can make a difference between getting medication or not. Ask for a Full Thyroid Function Test (they may not do it but ask anyway). Tell her you are now feeling quite unwell. Also get Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate done too. Once you are on levothyroxine, hopefully you will feel back to normal with the thyroid hormones. Usually, we begin on a starting dose which is increased gradually till we feel well.

Always get copies of your blood tests now and keep them for your records and post if you have any queries.

In future, don't take your medication before your blood tests, take it afterwards. You take levo first thing on wakening with a glass of water and wait approx an hour before eating as some things can interfere with the uptake.


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