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Right time for a blood test?

Hi, just come back from the GP today to try and get a blood test booked for my thyroid medication review as I'm now in my 5th week on 50mcg. I asked the receptionist over the desk if I could book to see a doctor regarding a thyroid medication review because I have been told by the receptionists before that I cannot book a blood test unless I see a GP. She booked me in to have a blood test done which I didn't think she could do without a GP's consent but I have a problem - I now have a private blood test to be done for thyroid (because GPs/GP labs don't test the thyroid hormones if the TSH is normal) which I was hoping to get done for the start of November and the GP one is now booked in for the middle of November at 8.30am.

Does the blood test have to be spot on the 6th week or can it be later? Should I get both bloods done at the same time or get the private one done, as planned, at the start of next month and wait for the GP one as scheduled? Thanks.

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Starla, The blood tests don't have to be done spot on 6 weeks after a dose increase. 6-8 weeks is fine and it would be better to have them done around the same time.


Thanks. I'll do them both at the same time. :)


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