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Types of Levothyroxine

I had no idea the there were different fillers in each make of Levothyroxine.I have some 25's Wockhardt and the 100's seem to be called Almus has anyone heard of this manufacturer. It makes sense trying to get same brand consistently if they suit you. Normally I would say the best bet would be getting one with the least additives, but it's so hard to, a) find out what additives each brand have & b) be allowed to have the brand which is the best for you on a regular basis.

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Details of current UK thyroid medications are on the main website here:

Almus is Boot's own brand name for packaging purposes. If you check the blister pack and PIL (patient information leaflet) inside the Almus box you will probably find they are Actavis tablets.


It is good to take a note of the type of levo when you are newly diagnosed. If you find you feel reasonably well ask your pharmacist to get these only for you. They are very co-operative usually and try their best. I would never have thought of doing this when first prescribed as you think they will just be the same as any other medication. It is because it is a hormone and reacts differently to say, paracetamol etc. and that it has a whole body effect on us from head to toe.

Sometimes we have to try several and it is unfortunate that they may react with us in different ways, i.e. fillers and binders. After all they must choose the cheapest fillers/binders if it only costs around £1.50 per month for levo not taking into account any other medication prescribed for 'symptoms' rather than a decent thyroid hormone.


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