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Generic Levothyroxine

Each time when I visit my Pharmacy I used to come away with a different generic manufacture of Levothyroxine. Now it must be noted I don’t take this rubbish any more and moved to NDT.

I know the NHS conducted a review on the generic manufacture of Levothyroxine, but a lot of doctors and pharmacists are not happy about the generic meds esp hormones as they are so delicate and finite.

gov.uk/government/uploads/s... <-You can Jump to page 20 Overall Summary of Recommendations.

Note point 4. The introduction of a pharmacopoeial standard (Monograph) for levothyroxine oral solution drug products within the British Pharmacopoeia is recommended.

I would suggest you check your prescriptions and request the same brand each time, to mitigate any risks. I am certainly not a fan of knock offs. So why are knock offs allowed as meds esp when they are not even tested to the same standards as the original. Just Bioavailability.

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Hi rodz37, Thank you so much for posting this. It is just the information I need to take with me to the Allergy Clinic at a NHS hospital in a few weeks time. Many of us on this forum knew there were problems as far back as 2011, but this was strenuously being denied. So grateful to have come across your post.

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In the UK, we had one Brand of levothyroxine only. Some had been well on it for more than 25 years then it was withdrawn - no reason given but maker said it would be back (unfortunately they didn't give the year which seems to be never). Lies. You are correct to keep to one only until you find you are not so well and then it's time to try another. It is a ridiculous fact that there is no consistency, it would appear and the fact that it's hormones we are dealing with not occasional headaches.

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I stick with the same brand only. I first received a different brand from my pharmacy but it had a terribly sweet taste and caused reflux immediately (reminded me of artificial sweetener). Now I have a brand that tastes slightly salty and is working fine for me. The same actually for my contraceptive: only the original brand does not have a sweet taste and is not porous (gets stuck in my throat). My reflux seems to be a good explanation for the pharmacy to always give me the same brands.


Its also interesting that they recommend that we should be given 3 months worth at a time for continuity! Most GP's if not all are only allowed to prescribe 2 months.


My GP (West Sussex) has always given me 3 months at a time.

The pharmacist also orders in Activis for me too, I was given a different brand once (after collecting prescription from a different chemist) and I came out in itchy red spots.

As soon as I went back on Activis I was fine.


I get three months but last lot was of two different brands and both different to the previous three months.


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